Swiffer wetjet danger

ATTENTION DANGER SWIFFER – Futures mamans juil. SWIFFER WET JET sont la cause de très nombreux cas de mortalité de chiens et de chats dans nos maisons! The rule of thumb is, the darker the chocolate, and the smaller the dog, the more dangerous it is, Becker said.

The circulating e-mail claims that the solvent used on the cloth is dangerous to pets and tells of a dog and two cats that. Example: Wet Jet and the danger they causeJust in case . Swiffer WetJet Pet Danger.

New Pet Pal Logo True or False? What happens when my dog gets this stuff on her paws? Should I avoid these products? But, in fact, they are perfectly safe to use, as long as you use them responsibly. This includes Febreze fabric fresheners.

Like other cleaners, there is a chance of mild . Des produits et accessoires de nettoyage pour un ménage impeccable. Un nettoyage rapide et efficace, voilà bien ce dont on rêve quand on commence son ménage.

Cela nécessite des accessoires fonctionnels et des produits qui ne soient ni polluants, ni dangereux pour votre santé. Quels types de produits et accessoires . I use a swiffer wet jet to clean some of our floors. Does anyone know if this is true? Multipurpose Floor Cleaner. Antibacterial Cleaning formulas.

DO NOT place hands in cartridge housing. Other types of scrubbing materials may damage your floor and void your warranty. Doing so could damage the bottle seal, . Some of these letters to get the word out even claim that snopes. Items that use “caution” as their primary signal word are “less toxic” than those using “ danger.

Sa solution nettoyante dissout et détache la saleté du sol , tandis que . I have done a search, and it seems that the chemical in swiffer wet jet is closely related to anifreeze. There is conflicting opinions on whether it is actually dangerous to small children and pets. Be on the alert before using this product.

He called the company to ask what the contents of the cleaning agent are and was astounded to find out that antifreeze is one of the ingredients.