Rubbermaid product catalog

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For optimal productivity and innovative solutions, contact your Rubbermaid representative today or . China RoHS – Below MCV. Customers are encouraged to interact with kiosks or tablets to view and filter the entire product catalog. Washroom Solutions from Rubbermaid offers a broad range of hygienic and touch-free products with AIR CARE SKIN CARE. REFER TO THE PRODUCT COLOR GUIDE Introducing three clean, natural fragrances. Condensed format shows a representative image of that product family along with a brief description.

Additionally, we offer a . Detailed view also offers links to each product detail page.

Available in several handle lengths, head sizes and styles. Polypropylene and crimped polypropylene filles. Stain and odor resistant.

Innovative design features deliver improved productivity and ease of use. High-pile, 1 microfiber collects and holds dust and dirt mechanically and electrostatically for superior dusting. U L classified wastebasket sell sheet. Still named the Wooster Company, the new group began to produce rubber household products under the . Some of the products we feature in our catalog.

Best-in-the-industry performance with zig-zag strips and higher pile looped-end construction to capture and hold more dust and debris. TECHNOLOGY Rubbermaid continuously invests in state-of-the-art equipment in order to remain a high-quality, low-cost producer. Rubbermaid uses a very chemically advanced mixture of polyethylene as well as a very intricate injection molding process for its plastic products.

For total kitchen organization. Product reference guide. Housewares catalog and price list, 197l. Employee brainstorming sessions yield up to 2to 3product ideas in one sitting. These visits have yielded about 1new product ideas.

BISSELL BIG GREEN COMMERCIAL, BISSELL replacement bags, belts and filters and Replacement Parts.