Astralpool millenium instructions

Les filtres de la gamme. Corps de filtre fabriqué. Manual bleeder valve for purging air inside the filter, if necessary. Refer to information on motor nameplate for electrical service data. If the pump on your system is supplied with a 3-prong twist lock 115V plug, then the appro- priate male receptacle should be installed.

For systems with a standard 3-prong 115V plug, we recommend a grounded receptacle be installed with a built-in Ground. Please read this manual completely before operating your pool cleaner. Note: Failure to maintain the pool according to the recommended operating conditions could prevent the robotic cleaner from.

This should be a question of prime consideration for all pool owners. In the past some pools did not use filtering systems, the owner was faced with the problem of refilling the pool with clean water when this became necessary. Refilling the pool was laborious, meanwhile the owner had an unsanitary pool with unpleasant . Conexiones para válvula selectora de seis vías con operaciones de filtración, lavado, enjuague, recirculación, vacia- do y cerrado. El filtro llevará incorporada una válvula de seguridad para evitar cualquier sob- represión.

Series Swimming Pool Pump pdf manual download. MILLENNIUM monobloc filter. One piece blow-moulded filters made in plastic with threaded lif, multiport valve, pressure gauge and manual air vent and water purge. Mounted with Sena pump. Aster Media Filter, Manual.

Sand should be loaded once the filter is installed into its exact location, following the instructions in the. The steps to be taken for correctly installing the filters are the following: a. Install the filter(s) into its (their) exact location. We recommend that the housing, where the filters are . Busque en los catálogos y folletos técnicos de la empresa ASTRALPOOL. To clean a sand filter always turn off. Astral Millenium – INYOpools.

I changed the sand filter per the instructions. The hoses are hooked up correctly. But when I clean the pool, everything I clean comes back out the exhaust. If you mean that it discharges to sewer, then the problem is probably the spider gasket in the multi- port valve.

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